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How to transfer video from iPad 3 to iTunes

This is a brief guide to tell you how to transfer video from iPad 3 to iTunes with just a few clicks. As we know, we can only use iTunes to sync video to iPad 3, but because of the copyright protection, we can't get any files include music, video, apps from iPod to iTunes via iTunes.

transfer video from iPad 3 to iTunes

Now, what you need is iTransfer, a powerful but easy-to-use tool that help you to get video, audio, photos, etc. from iPad 3 to your iTunes freely. And you can also use this tool to sync all of files into your iPad 3.
Download iPad 3 to iTunes Transfer

Step 1: Connect your iPad 3 to computer (Note: You need to have iTunes (iTunes 8 or higher version) installed before you use iPad 3 to iTunes Transfer)

Step 2: After this software recognized your iPad, you can click your iPad name, and you will see the source list about your iPad. Choose "Movie" to check the videos in your iPad 3.

transfer video from ipad  3 to itunes

Step 3: Select the video files you want to transfer from iPad 3 to computer.

Step 4: Click the Transfer button to transfer the video files to your iTunes after you select the output path to iTunes Media

With this guide, you can also transfer the music, photos, playlists, e-books, etc. from iPad to iTunes.

Valid until Mar 31, 2014!