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How to convert MP4 to WebM

Follow this brief tutorial, you will get the most easy way about how to convert webm to MP4 with this WebM Converter. WebM is an audio-video format designed to provide an open video compression format for use with HTML5 video and also support by the most popular web explorers and media players.

convert mp4 to webm

With this powerful mp4 to webm converter, you can easily convert MP4 to webm video so that you can show it with HTML5 webpage. What’s more, this webm converter also supply the practical video editing functions so that you can trim, crop, add video effect include 3D and watermark freely.
Download MP4 to WebM Converter

OK, let’s get our mp4 to webm conversion start.

Step 1: Launch MP4 to WebM Converter and add the MP4 files
After you free download Aimersoft MP4 to WebM Converter, install and run it on your computer And then drag the video you want to convert into this program.

MP4 to WebM

Step 2: Select the output video format as WebM
After you have added the MP4 video files, now you can click “Profile” and then select “WebM” as output video format.

WebM to MP4 Profile

Step 3: Start to Convert MP4 Videos to WebM
Click "Start" button and begin to convert MP4 files to WebM, it may take several minutes depends on size of your original video.

Only with 3 steps, you can just convert your favorite mp4 video to WebM video, and playback with web explorers. If you find a webm video from webpage but your media player don’t support this kind of video format, you can also solve this problem easily with this popular guide - How to convert webm to mp4.

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